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Fire Sprinkler Water Damage

When a fire sprinkler accidentally goes off, you might be at a higher risk to water damage than you think. Don’t try to minimize the damage and attempt to restore it yourself. We have the skills and technology to successfully restore fire sprinkler damage no matter what the cuase. Home and commercial property owners face the same challenges, as there are only a few ways a fire sprinkler can activate without the threat of a real fire. No matter what, do not let water damage ruin your property! The most common causes that make a fire sprinkler burst off without a fire reason are:

  1. Overheating
  2. Corrosion
  3. Mechanical damage
  4. Manufacturing defect
  5. Installation flaw

When disasters like this occur, pick up the phone and call a pro as soon as possible. 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage, as we aim to be your number one partner in such challenging events. All our efforts will go towards minimizing the harm you suffer and restoring your location to its ideal conditions as quick and effective as possible.

If a fire sprinkler bursts off in a multi-level building like an apartment complex or a corporate office building, more than just one floor can be affected. Water damage can easily spread and destroy ceilings, floors, drywalls and assets of various owners, going as deep as the building’s structure. If left unattended for more than just a few hours, the damage gets irreversible and also translates into serious health risks.

We are prepared to take cautious and rapid measures before things like this happen and restore your property back to its ideal state in no time. Our reliability, seriousness and caring attitude have made us the most appreciated water damage restoration company in the area. So, when one of your fire sprinkler starts without there being an actual fire incident, give us a call at (714) 475-7158 and be one step closer to a complete and fast restoration!